My Thuan – Can Tho Expressway Project

1. Introduction of the Project:

Investment and construction of My Thuan – Can Tho Expressway to connect the whole Expressway Route from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho are urgent demands to:

– Reduce transport volume and traffic jam in NH1A (My Thuan- Can Tho Section) due to status of bottle-neck when Trung Luong- My Thuan Expressway will be completed in 2013.

– Connect 02 big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho City to facilitate economic development in the MekongRiver delta.

– Connect urban areas (My Tho City and Vinh Long town) with industrial zones along the route.

* Expressway route: Total length is 24,5km.

– Starting point: Km107+170, this is the intersecting point with NH80 and far from Huyen Bao bridge 75m from My Thuan Bridge.

– End point: Km131+670, this is the intersecting point with NH1A under ChaVa intersection (the Can Tho Bridge Project).

– It shall be invested in accordance with the Expressway Standard of Type A (Bembankment =32,5m).

– Division of investment period: The first stage: It is proposed to construct 4 lanes for expressway and 2 lanes for emergency stoppage (Bembankment = 25m).

* Connecting routes: Total length is 7,82km – the first period:

– Connecting routes 1 (Huyen Bao – My Thuan): it connects from the start point of Expressway to My Thuan Bridge; its length is 1,7km (4 lanes for motorized vehicle and 2 lanes for non-motorized vehicle, Bembankment = 22,5m).

– Connecting route 2 (Tan Phu – Vinh Long): it connects from Tan Phu intersection (Km109+262) to the center of Vinh Long town; its length is 3,65km (2 lanes for motorized vehicle and 2 lanes for non-motorized vehicle, Bembankment = 12m).

– Connecting route 3 (Hoa Phu – Phuoc Yen): it connects from Hoa Phu intersection (Km116+668) to Hoa Phu Industrial Zone and Phuoc Yen Urban Zone of Vinh Long town; its length is 2,47km (2 lanes for motorized vehicle and 2 lanes for non-motorized vehicle, Bembankment = 12m).

2. Construction location: Vinh Long and DongThapProvinces.

3. Total investment cost: it is estimated about 300 million USD, in there:

– Civil works : 160 million USD

– Equipment and other cost : 48 million USD

– Contingency : 60 million USD

– Land acquisition : 32 million USD

4. Preparation of the documents and requirements of Technical Assistance (TA):

a. Preparation of the documents:

+ The Pre-feasibility Study reports: were approved by the Prime Minister at the letter Ref. No. 399/CPCN dated 14 May 2001.

+ The Feasibility Study reports (F/S): were appraised by Ministry of Transport the letter Ref. No. 7910/BGTVT-KHDT dated 29 October 2008.

+ ADB agreed to finance 1.5 million USD for the budget in 2010 to carry out the T/A.

+ Explanation of TA is being reviewed Ministry of Planning & Investment (MPI) to register in the projects’ list.

b. Requirements of contents of TA: Review.

5. Interest of sponsors to the project and form of investment:

– With important location, the project received interest of many agencies such as ADB, JICA, some groups and local investors and foreign investors

– Form of investment: PPP.

6. The proposed schedule:

– Start: The first quarter of 2011.

– Completion: The fourth quarter of 2013