CUU LONG CORPORATION FOR INVESTMENT, DEVELOPMENT ANH PROJECT MANAGEMENT OF INFRASTRUCTURE (CUU LONG CIPM) was established by Ministry of Transport (MOT) in 2011, based on the conversion of My Thuan Project Management Unit, Single Member Limited Liability Company for Structural Engineering Management and Amendment 715, and Single Member Limited Liability Company for Can Tho Bridge Management and Exploitation, with the organization and operation under the model of parent company subsidiary company. CUU LONG CIPM is one of major and reputable units of MOT, CIPM managed some majors projects with national scale such as: My Thuan Bridge, Can Tho Bridge, Trans-Asia Highway Project, Ho Chi Minh- Trung Luong Expressway, Nam Song Hau Project, Southern Coastal Corridor Project etc.

Functions and duty of CUU LONG CIPM:

– Investment, construction, management, doing businesses, exploitation of transport infrastructure projects and other infrastructure projects under all kinds;

– Management, exploitation, use, fee collecting, maintenance, amendment of highways infrastructure and other road constructions;

-Management,   doing   businesses,   and   calling   for   investment   capital   to develop infrastructure;

– Financial investments; sale and transfer capital in investment projects, transfer projects invested and are being invested under the provisions of law to increase the efficiency of capital use;

– Selling, handing over, leasing, and transferring constructions, ,projects and technical infrastructures under the provisions of law

-Construction investment and doing real estate businesses;

-Building, exploiting, and doing service businesses at nearby areas and along infrastructure constructions such as: businesses of hotels, restaurants, gas stations, advertisements, building materials; relay stations, parking lots;

-Consultancy of management and operation of infrastructure constructions projects;

-Consultancy of transport techniques and construction quality assessment;

-Doing research, making investment proposals, investment reports, and investment projects on developing transport infrastructure network;

-Surveying, designing, supervising, and operating transport infrastructure constructions;