Social and Environmental Reports of SCCP – Stage 1

Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIA) (required by Viet Nam) was prepared by the Environmental Research Center of the Ha Noi Hydrological Technical Institute in 2007 and was approved by the MONRE’s Decision No. 987/QD-TNMT dated 28 June 2007.

Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for SCCP1 was prepared by the SMEC International Pty Ltd in 2009, presently the EMP is under the update on the Minh Luong – Thu Bay section as required by the ADB. It is proposed to complete EMP by the end July 2010. Resettlement Plans: RPs were prepared under the Technical Assistance in 2006, at the present time the SMEC International Pty Ltd is updating them. The General Term of Reference for HIV/AID Awareness and Prevention Program and Human Trafficking Prevention Program were prepared at the Technical Assistant Stage in 2006. At the time being the SMEC International Pty Ltd is preparing the Detailed Term of Reference and Detailed Cost Estimate for these programs to submit to ADB and MOT for review and approval so that the provinces can proceed with these programs before the construction starts.